We Can’t Stop Here, This Is Skunk Ape Country feat. Corey Campbell

We got a real treat for ya’ll this week. We’re leaving the city, heading into the wilds of South Florida and abandoning this rotting urban hellscape.

We talked with Corey Campbell from the Big Cypress Natural Preserve to get the lowdown on how to get out of your house while observing social distancing safe practices. Corey also gives us some Florida history about the Tamiami Trail, the undefeated Seminole Tribe, Loop Road, and Al Capone. The national parks are ours; we already pay for them. Go see some of the country’s natural splendor. 

Check out the Big Cypress and the Everglades websites to plan a vacation. The Big Cypress Institute is on Facebook, too.

Music in this episode is by David Rosen.