THE END OF MIAMI. Live Show at Life House Little Havana

After delays and postponements, floods, cancellations and travel problems, we finally saw THE END OF MIAMI come to pass! Bird Road’s latest live show at Life House Little Havana tackled the issue of climate change and its effect on South Florida, casting a tired eye to the future when we will all grow gills and hucksters, grifters and lawyers will rule the county. 

In Jewish Dave’s stead, Q welcomed guest co-host Jerry Iannelli, politics, environment and civil rights reporter at the Miami New Times. 

Our first guest was Kilan Ashad-Bishop, a biomedical scientist and a member of the Miami Sea Level Rise Committee. Then, People’s Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade chair Geoff Campbell explored the political hurdles of making any progress in Miami, Florida, and the country.