Them Boyz

Las Vegas Pre-Game

Hi. This is Jewish Dave. Here’s an episode we did real quick while Q was at my house. Tomorrow is our live show at The Golden Tiki here in Las Vegas. February 17th. 7pm. You should go. We’ll be there.

Episode 6 – Bird Road Thanksgiving Spectacular!

We’re chock full’o content this week! If ya’ll are expecting us to talk about Thanksgiving you better think again because the only people who celebrate that holiday are cowards and nobodies. Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with you that you need validation and reinforcement that it is, in fact, Thanksgiving from a g*ddam podcast? Doesn’t that seem kind of …

Episode 2 – Footprints in the Sand (I’m Too Ill)

This is a podcast about friendship. Jewish Dave is feeling under the weather so we get right to the good stuff, like racism and LinkedIn. Jewish Dave’s films that are racking up awards can be found here: Love/Hate includes YesJulz, music software, winning awards, making friends, and influencing people. Music by Lil Wayne, Girl Talk, Joe Jackson, David Rosen …