Quar! What is it good for? Absolutely wildcat strikin’, say it again. feat. Priscilla Grim from CoronaStrike

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been over 160 wildcat strikes across the country and 190,000 rent-strikers – not that you would know that based on the meager coverage they receive. This week, Q talked with Priscilla Grim from CoronaStrike, a platform calling for workers, renters, prisoners, detainees and others to come together at a level of cooperation unseen in our lifetime to make a healthier, regenerative and just future for all our people, through People’s Strike.

We talked about how this crisis could create unforeseen opportunities to build solidarity, what a successful rent strike would look like, and how we can make it happen. 

You can follow Priscilla on Twitter @PriscillaGrim and stay up to date or get involved with CoronaStrike by following them @corona_strike or visiting coronastrike.us

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Here’s the COVID-19 Strike Map we discussed: