Miami’s Getting Drilled (And Not in the Fun Way, Ya’ll) feat. Amy Westervelt

We talked with Amy Westervelt, the host of smash hit podcast Drilled, about climate liability suits, denialism, what puts Miami in unique peril and all things environment. She was in town recording the Season 3 opener of Drilled, a live show held at the Frost Science Museum (which is a cool museum you should check out if you’re around South Florida). 

But first, Q and Jewish Dave break down the debate as only they can: by comparing Kamala Harris to Denzel Washington and  in Training Day and Eric Swalwell’s huge weird head to James Vanderbeek’s huge weird head in Varsity Blues. 

Music in this episode is by David Rosen.

Drilled is definitely worth a subscribe, rate and review, and it can be found everywhere they publish podcasts, including Apple and Spotify