I Got Your Worst Week Yet Right Here, Pal (But Literally) feat. Maria Guido (@sandernista412)

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We caught up with Maria Guido from The Worst Week Yet Podcast to talk about Juvenile Justice reform and Ron DeSantis’ capricious (or more likely malicious) veto of a bill that would have expunged the records of youth offenders, despite the bill’s unanimous support among Tallahassee Democrats and Republicans. She lends her expertise as a social worker in the realm of Juvenile Justice to explain the challenges facing kids who run afoul of the law. 

Later, we started feeling those vibes, yo. Which vibes? Oh, you know which vibes. It’s Bistro Vibes my man. Join us.

Then, stick around to the end of the episode and learn about the free speech journey of the MILF Mobile.

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