Holy Sh*t Iowa! You Did It!

So in the span of a few hours we went from saying “Bernie Won” to “BERNIE MOTHERFUCKING REALLY ACTUALLY WON!” Last night was madness, by the time this episode was edited and uploaded Bernie Sanders had surged on the strength of being the only goddamned candidate to talk to the poor working class and recently naturalized voters at Iowa’s satellite caucuses. As of Thursday morning, it looks as though he will win not just the first round vote and the final round vote, but also the opaque and meaningless metric of “State Delegate Equivalents,” literally the last positive that Pete Buttigieg’s campaign was holding onto as evidence of some sort of pyrrhic victory. Sorry assholes, looks like you’re gonna have to turn to ashes as losers. 

It’s a lot to talk about. Q recaps the entire mad week of incompetence-cum-electioneering, and in every day, in every way, we just keep getting better and better ya’ll. Onto New Hampshire. 

Live Show Update:

All Presidents Go To Hell
February 17, 7 p.m. 
Golden Tiki, Las Vegas, NV

The Rising Tides of March
March 15, 7 p.m.
GRAMPS Wynwood, Miami, FL