Episode 42 – Purple State Amendment Rundown Volume I – Nevada Edition feat. Reuben D’Silva

It’s a full-a$$ Purple State Amendment Rundown, highlighting the most important stuff on the ballots of the most important states. We kick off the series in the Silver State, the greatest state in the union! Along with past guest Reuben D’Silva III, we explore six critical questions facing Nevadans in the voting booth this year. We do the work so you don’t need to worry your tiny, beautiful head about a thing! Just listen to us. Hear what we tell you. Focus on our voice. Surrender your independence and join the I that is we.

Vote “no” on Question 1.

Vote “yes” on Question 2.

Vote “no” (but a soft no) on Question 3.

Vote “yes” on Question 4.

Vote “yes” on Question 5.

Vote “yes” on Question 6.

Early voting in Nevada is going on now.

Election Day is Nov. 6.

Music in this episode is by David Rosen.