Episode 39 – The Florida Primaries and Andrew Gillum: We TOLD Y’all

Florida primaries. Toxic algae blooms. Daphne Campbell is awesome in her own way. John Cardillo probably got called “John Car-Dildo” a lot growing up. We’ve got all your critical election coverage and after listening to this show you’ll never need to know anything else, about anything, ever.

Jewish Dave’s computer is a nightmare Rube Goldberg machine of outdated apps and disparate mishmash of motherboards and sockets, loudly begging to be decommissioned and thrown out, so he sounds like trash in this episode.

Folks this podcast makes you smarter folks.

Love/Hate: Weird Al is a legend and a treasure. Salena Zito is a hack and a fabulist. Three people were killed during a Madden tournament in Jacksonville. Is it too soon to make fun of Phil Hartman’s death? Because it was funny.

Music in this episode is by David Rosen.