Episode 36 – Giggin’ Live From Podcast Movement with Leah Churner of Hothouse

(Extremely Philly voice) Ey, yo, whadder youse doin’ over thayre, nuot list’n’n to the episode? You need a cole glass a wooder, or samthin’? We’re in Philadelphia at Podcast Movement, talking about how the gig all these giggy-ass mofos gig around.

We’ve got Leah Churner, the Austinite who hosts Hothouse Podcast, devoted to design, ecology, and gardening, with some progressivism and social justice thrown in for good measure. And we’re jus’ a couple a jawns over here. Right? (Extremely Philly voice begins to degrade into somewhat Scouse voice.)

Check out Hothouse Podcast at https://www.hothousepodcast.com/. 

Big thanks to our friends at TalkShoe who let us use their gear and setup for this show. Check them out at https://www.talkshoe.com/. 

Music by David Rosen.