Episode 35 – Dave Didn’t Want to Do This One

Just the original Bird Boys this episode, drinking bird-tainted Bird Water. Q began this episode defending the LGBTQ community from the New York Times’ weird homophobic animations, and this immediately enraged Jewish Dave, who was standoffish and mean-spirited for the entire show. We soldiered on, backs against the wind, and discussed the #SurrenderSummit or whatever they’re trying to call it. We also talked about a recent Treasury Department rule change that will make it more difficult to find out who funds disgusting subversions of democracy. We talked about Emmy nominations for like an hour but we ended up deleting all of it so don’t bother asking. Maybe that’s bonus content. Or maybe not! 

The music is by David Rosen.

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It doesn’t feel like we accomplished much, but great art’s truest critic is time.