Episode 34 – The Big Payback feat. David Faris

Yo yo yo catch us at our booth at OzyFest this summer where we’ll be promoting Bird Water, water that has been soaked in birds, and see Jewish Dave during his breakout session, “How GG Alin Would Have Hearted Animojis” and “Democracy and dRUMPF: A Crisis in Civility.”

In this episode, we talk to Roosevelt University professor David Faris, author of “It’s Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics”, and dream of 58 states and a legislative body where the worst thing we have to worry about is the elite Democrat consultant class.

In other topics: there’s going to be a new Supreme Court justice. The apartment complex pool wars have begun, and only the dead shall see the end.

Vote no on the Miami Freedom Park soccer stadium. Just kidding, it’s not up for a vote. You have no say in this stupid thing.

Music in this episode is by David Rosen.

Order David Faris’ book here, and follow him @davidmfaris.