Episode 33 – What’s The Frequency, Kirlian? feat. Cristian Ponce

We trade the horror of national news and politics for a more preferable flavor of the genre, as we speak with Cristian Ponce, creator of Frecuencia Kirlian – Ghost Radio, a compellingly made online web series that everyone should be checking out.

After that, Jewish Dave walks us through some of the best films from what has been an underwhelming year of cinema.

So there, you animals, we gave you a break. It’s a shitty week/month/year for politics, and it isn’t getting any better, so enjoy this fun stuff while you can.

Cristian Ponce’s studio is Tangram Cine, and you can find them here:


Also, Frecuencia Kirlian – Ghost Radio is on YouTube:


And Vimeo:


Big thanks to Monika Leal for lending her voice and translating services to our show this week. Be on the lookout for a late-week show where we’ll get back to our bread-and-butter, discussing the futility of maintaining progressive positions in a country that’s too stupid to give a damn.