Episode 31 – The No Good, Very Bad Week

Man, we only covered like half the awful things that have happened this week and we’re still exhausted. Jewish Dave gives us a dispatch from the wildly disappointing Nevada Democratic Primary where everyone ignored a field of qualified, compelling progressives and instead voted for crates of remaindered Al Franken books.

The bright spot: we talked to Ryan Lindsey, a progressive candidate for Wyoming’s state house who’s putting education and land use at the core of his insurgent campaign. Check him out at fighting4us.org. (Special thanks to James Hearn for helping to make this interview happen.)

In love/hate: the correct North Korea opinion is no opinion. Other jokes. Look, if you get that deep into the podcast you may as well finish it. Music in this episode is by David Rosen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Check out Entre Dos and Piecing It Together as well.