Episode 30 – Vote Eileen Higgins & Good Use of Meme-Bad Use of Meme

Dad-gum, this is a jam-packed episode. Hope you’ve got some spare time and Otter Pops if it’s hot. 

On June 19, if you live in District 5 in Miami-Dade County, you can do something more important than listen to a snarky, subversive regional politics podcast to express your disdain with the status quo–you can vote for Eileen Higgins, a candidate we actually support. Q and Jewish Dave spend time with future-Commissioner Higgins before teaming up with Will Hines (aka Knoxx Prime, aka Knoxximus, aka The Pretty Petty) to discuss the month that was in the world of memes. 

In Love/Hate, Q is psyched about a high school kid messing with rubes but is crestfallen to learn that Jack White has become lame. Jewish Dave bla bla bla movies bla bla misogyny. 

Learn more about Eileen Higgins at www.eileenhiggins.com. She’s got the right stuff. 

You can follow Will Hines on Twitter @Knoxximus, Instagram @Knoxximus, and on Facebook. So do it. 

All music in this episode is by David Rosen.

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