Episode 26 – This is a Threat to Our Democracy, Photography is Not a Crime, and Other Statements of Fact feat. Carlos Miller

Goddam son, if this isn’t our best episode ever. I’m finally happy with the arc of our production value. You’re actually gonna like this one.

Our guest is Carlos Miller, founder of Photography Is Not A Crime, a news site that began advocating for journalists’ rights to record the police 11 years ago and has grown to a holistic First Amendment-focused activism platform. He talks about his numerous arrests for recording cops in public space and the struggle to raise awareness in an age of police authoritarianism. Check out the the new PINAC on The Maven.

Q and Jewish Dave find new and fun threats to our democracy, in quadruplicate. Special thanks to Will “Knox Prime”, “The Pretty Petty” Hines, Gina and Jackie for their help producing the piece.

Also, let’s a talk about what “free” really means. (Turns out, not free.)