Episode 12 – Your Opinions About Television Are Wrong And Here’s Why

Victor (and briefly his dad) makes an appearance just in time to not have a Top 11 list of the best television of 2017 ready for this episode. It’s funnier than it sounds.

Music is by David Rosen. Victor Moran can be found @victormoranlive and at victormoranlive.com. Read Garry in Real Life.

Jewish Dave’s Top 11:
1. Fargo
2. Vice Principals
3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
4. Silicon Valley
5. Master of None
6. Lady Dynamite
7. Curb Your Enthusiasm
9. At Home With Amy Sedaris
10. Better Call Saul
11. Episodes

Q’s Top 11
1. Atlanta
2. Fargo
3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
4. Legion
5. The Leftovers
6. Young Pope
7. Rick & Morty
8. Vice Principals
9. Better Call Saul
10. Bojack Horseman
11. You’re the Worst

Come at us. @david_quinones, @bydavidrosen.

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