Episode 6 – Bird Road Thanksgiving Spectacular!

We’re chock full’o content this week!

If ya’ll are expecting us to talk about Thanksgiving you better think again because the only people who celebrate that holiday are cowards and nobodies. Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with you that you need validation and reinforcement that it is, in fact, Thanksgiving from a g*ddam podcast? Doesn’t that seem kind of weak to you? What’s missing inside you?

This week, we talk about Charles Manson, TIME Magazine’s whack Person of the Year candidates, and how we all deserve to die.

If you’re looking for the serious part about Yemen, it begins at, 42:20.

Love/Hate features the great expectations of being a superhero flick, an impassioned plea for Freddy Got Fingered II, book fairs and Lady Dynamite.

Music by Eric Clapton, Marilyn Manson, Radar vs. Wolf, ScottDW and Iron Horse.

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