Cuba/Miami/Latin America: Lands of Contradiction feat. Nando Vila

It’s been a monumentally difficult week so far for Q and for Sen. Bernie Sanders, as powerful forces align against both of us and try to jack our respective swagger. The latter has drawn the ire of the Democratic establishment following his momentous victories in the Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, and the former has had to deal with very unfair recording conditions due to home renovations. Things are tough all over. 

We had Nando Vila on the show to talk about the Cuban criticism, what it means, and to explore what makes Miami such a bouillabaisse of conservatism, regressivism, recrimination and cocaine that isn’t nearly as good as people make it out to be. 

Follow Nando on Twitter here, and be sure to go see him and Nomiki Konst on Super Tuesday if you’re in LA.

Live Show Alert: 
March 15 – GRAMPS Wynwood, Miami, 7 p.m.