JUST. DEM. BOYYYYYYYYZ Spectaculo 2021

It’s just the fellas, Dem Boyz, riffin’, choppin’ it up, talm’bout… whatever. History. Life. Culture. Us. Enjoy it folks. Real classico shit right here. 

No Carbs Left Behind

We talked about the latest news and specifically the ever-present threat of antifa bogeymen scaring the living piss out of triglyceride-soaked human hot dogs. We also did a Do I Have To, where Jewish Dave watched the FX series DAVE and Q watched the 2019 film Frances Ferguson. Music by David Rosen. 

The Existential Episode

But are we comedy? Why even are we here if not to make you laugh? Vice says the world’s ending, and they should know. We talked about Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz getting Slurpee’d, or Jamba Juiced, or whatever. General consensus was that it is good. There was a great bit we cut out about why Q is jealous of millennials …

Episode 52 – Sir Have You No Indecency Sir

A powerhouse work of investigative journalism leads to another scandal in a southern state. PBS and ProPublica tell the story. Well it’s been a really stupid week, and we went a little long on this one but don’t act like you don’t love it and lap up every second of it. We’re back on the “Do I Have To”-thing and …

Episode 29 – Jewish Dave Hot Take: Chance The Rapper is Bad

It’s been a minute, yeah, sure, but we’ve been busy so back off. Here’s your new episode.  We talk about why the 1,500 missing migrant kids-situation is not what it seems (spoiler alert: it’s way worse) and then we follow up on Do I Have To — Jewish Dave doesn’t like Chance the Rapper because he hates joy and things …

Episode 21 – Deep D*cked By The Deep State

We talked about the Black Panther movie a lot, which was fun, and about the shooting in Parkland, which was not. Can you be such a flaming joke-on-wheels that you actually transcend the ability to be made fun of? The President thinks so. All this music was all made by all the David Rosens of the world.