On Proud Boys and Being Pissed

We recorded this like one hour before Andrew Cuomo resigned but we probably wouldn’t have done anything differently anyway. Don’t come to us for Andrew Cuomo takes.  We went into the other news of the day, including COVID, mask mandates, the IPCC report, Proud Boys culture and your own righteous anger. 

The Smooth Gen

What has happened? What will happen in the future? What’s literally happening right now? Did Xzibit ever do a collab with Wu Tang? All questions are explored during this very introspective and special episode of Bird Road. Once again, it’s a Just Dem Boyz episode and we are going long. 

JUST. DEM. BOYYYYYYYYZ Spectaculo 2021

It’s just the fellas, Dem Boyz, riffin’, choppin’ it up, talm’bout… whatever. History. Life. Culture. Us. Enjoy it folks. Real classico shit right here. 

8-bits and riots

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Sometimes you eat the Broward, and sometimes the Broward eats you, feat. Sabrina Javellana

We talked with Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana about the wave of progressive candidates ushered into office north of the Miami-Dade county line, what it means for Florida’s second-biggest county, and how it could serve as a template to win more elections throughout the state. We also touched on how Florida’s progressives are centering new and strong voices, and …

My Own Private Nonexistent Cattle Ranch feat. Adam Christensen

Adam Christensen (ForTheManyNotJustMe.com) is a progressive running against one of the most hilariously incompetent candidates for Congress in Florida — which is truly saying something. We caught up with Adam to hear about his goals for FL CD3, how a progressive can make headway in a traditionally conservative southern district, and how fun it is to run opposition research against …

L@ur@ L00m€r and Florida news that actually matters feat. Lance Dixon

We talked with WLRN’s Lance Dixon about his analysis of key local, state and national races from a Miami perspective, covering elections in a time of COVID, the improprieties of Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s Miami Foundation scheme, and whether Miami-Dade has a problem electing black candidates for countywide positions.  You can follow Lance @LDixon_3 and check out WLRN at wlrn.org.  

The House Is On Fire feat. JP Mejia and Gabriela Rodriguez

We sure left a shit-show for the next generation. Thankfully, they seem up to the task of cleaning up our mess. This week, All Points West along with the CLEO Institute and Unicorn Fire Radio are launching House On Fire, a new youth-led climate activism podcast where JP Mejia and Gabriela Rodriguez talk with experts and voices about the impending …