BONUS Episode – Purple State Amendment Throwdown, Miami Bends Over For Beckham Edition feat. Billy Corben

Our Florida interview with Billy Corben ran super long bro, so we opted to cut out the Miami-centric section and make it into this BONUS Ep. Strong city Mayor? Strong countywide campaign finance reform? Strong attraction to David Beckham’s enchanting eyes? We get into it with the director of Cocaine Cowboys, The U, and all-around Florida Man Billy Corben. (Keep an eye on the feed for the statewide Florida edition, which will come out on Saturday.) 

City of Miami recommendations:

No on 1.

No on 2.

No on 3.

Miami-Dade County recommendations:

Yes on 1.

No on 2.

Yes on 3.

No on 4.

No on 5.

No on 6.

Check out Billy Corben at and on Twitter @BillyCorben. Keep an eye out for SCREWBALL, which premiered last month at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Music is by David Rosen.