Be Our Guest…

Being a guest on our podcast is super easy. We use an application called RINGR to do our call-ins. 

A few items you need:

  1. A computer, smartphone or tablet with a strong Internet connection.
  2. A quiet space away from street traffic, fans, air conditioners and other noise. (A walk-in closet with clothes usually works really well!)
  3. A good USB microphone that hooks up to your computer, smartphone or tablet. In a pinch, your standard headset that came with your phone will work fine.

Using a computer (recommended)? Do this:

  1. First, be sure your computer is connected to a strong WiFi or Ethernet connection. 
  2. Then, when you receive the invite to join the call, click on the link in the email and it will bring you to the RINGR page. 
  3. We will send you a code to enter to join the call. 

Using your smartphone? Do this:

  1. Download the RINGR app in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. When you receive the invite to join the call, click on the link in the email and it will launch the app. 
  3. We will send you a code to enter to join the call. 

That’s it! You’re now in the Bird Road Podcast Green Room. Just wait online for us to patch you in


Why do you guys do this instead of a regular phone call?

RINGR is a service records full quality uncompressed audio on all sides of the call, which makes it sound like everyone is in the same room and removes the need to edit multiple files together afterwards. It’s kind of like a fancy ISDN line, but not as expensive. Phone calls, VoIP and Skype usually end up sounding bad and crashing a lot.

Where should I record?

Someplace quiet, like a closed room or even a closet. Stay indoors, away from elevators, televisions, fans, or air conditioner vents. The quieter the better.

What kind of microphone should I use?

We use pretty standard USB microphones like this you can buy at Guitar Center or Best Buy, but unless it’s part of you job or you want to invest $150 in something like that, your standard earbud headset that comes with your phone should be fine. Don’t use your laptop or computer’s built-in microphone. They’re terrible.

I keep getting dropped. Why?

Try rebooting your computer. That usually fixes it.

Can I use my cell if I have a good Internet connection?

We would rather if you didn’t because we’ve found the audio captured on computers tends to be richer and cleaner, but if you have no other way to do it, give it a whirl.

What’s the format?

We are conversational, with some Q&A. We like to be loose and keep things flowing. Sometimes we go off on tangents. You’re welcome to as well. Any guest on the show has the carte blanche to lead the conversation wherever they want. One of us will bring it back if we get too far off course. Just be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Can I curse?


Can I be funny?

You can try.

How can I share this?

Full episodes are posted on our feed on Tuesday afternoons. You can share the link to our iTunes page, here

Our Google Play can be found here. 

Make sure you ask your friends to rate and review the show (and please do it yourself, as well!) and tag us (@birdroadpodcast) in any social media posts.