On Proud Boys and Being Pissed

We recorded this like one hour before Andrew Cuomo resigned but we probably wouldn’t have done anything differently anyway. Don’t come to us for Andrew Cuomo takes.  We went into the other news of the day, including COVID, mask mandates, the IPCC report, Proud Boys culture and your own righteous anger. 

I Got Your Worst Week Yet Right Here, Pal (But Literally) feat. Maria Guido (@sandernista412)

*** You can donate to the victims of the Surfside Champlain Towers disaster at supportsurfside.org.*** We caught up with Maria Guido from The Worst Week Yet Podcast to talk about Juvenile Justice reform and Ron DeSantis’ capricious (or more likely malicious) veto of a bill that would have expunged the records of youth offenders, despite the bill’s unanimous support among Tallahassee …

Do you believe the words coming out of your mouth? feat. Andrea Mercado

This week we’re joined by Andrea Mercado of Florida Rising who, along with a slew of other activist groups, recently published their findings from a media monitoring campaign tracking disinformation in Spanish language media in Miami. No Mas Disinformation is live online, and it has been generating buzz about a corner of media that often goes under-discussed and is rarely …

Bitcoin Conference bf, MLM gf

Bird Road Podcast is BACK for Season 4: The Fourth Season. You thought you got rid of us? Wow. That really says a lot about you.  We celebrated the world’s largest Bitcoin conference which was held in Miami last week and has predictably been designated a COVID super-spreader event.  We also talked about Miami-Dade County’s anti-violent crime plan and the …

Storyboys – “It’s all connected” OR the unified theory of Florida GOP corruption

This week we have another Storyboys episode and Q is going deep on the confluence of scandals encompassing former-Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Frank Artiles, phony political candidates,  electoral fraud, misappropriation of public funds, bitcoin fires, underage sex trafficking, and more the GOP’s favorite things. We explore how Florida is a test lab for the Republican …

The Smooth Gen

What has happened? What will happen in the future? What’s literally happening right now? Did Xzibit ever do a collab with Wu Tang? All questions are explored during this very introspective and special episode of Bird Road. Once again, it’s a Just Dem Boyz episode and we are going long. 

JUST. DEM. BOYYYYYYYYZ Spectaculo 2021

It’s just the fellas, Dem Boyz, riffin’, choppin’ it up, talm’bout… whatever. History. Life. Culture. Us. Enjoy it folks. Real classico shit right here. 

Florida Whip-Around Coverage feat. Rep. Anna Eskamani

This week we’re talking with State Rep. Anna Eskamani from District 47 about a whole host of issues, including Gov. Ron DeSantis’ failed vaccine rollout, the role that politics and preference plays in serving citizens, the HB1 anti-protest bill and Rush Limbaugh. She also outlined a solution to fixing the broken state Democratic Party.  Follow Rep. Eskamani on Twitter @AnnaForFlorida. …

The Senate, Literally Up For Grabs

After a 24 hours that may have changed the course of the future, Q and Jewish Dave talk through what happened, how it got this way, and what the future will probably look like (bad). 

‘I’m from Silicon Valley and I’m here to help’

Dem Boyz are back with the new puro and we are digging into Miami’s “tech boom” and exploring whether it amounts to anything more than some rich dudes trying to avoid taxes and not wear masks.  We also get into the deficient COVID bailout package, gaming news, Disney, Warner Brothers and Eve6. 

8-bits and riots

🚨🚨 CALL-IN SHOW ☎️ ☎️  ON SUNDAY - CLICK HERE 🚨🚨Register to call in on Sunday, Nov. 22 between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. We're just going to be hearing you out, talking about whatever you want to talk about. Call it self care, call it a cope, call it what you will -- just call us!  Ok, now onto ...