All Presidents Go To Hell – Live from Las Vegas

We had an incredible time at the Golden Tiki in Las Vegas, talking about the intrinsic evil of the office of the U.S. Presidency. We were joined by Jason Harris, Amy Vilela and Anthony Thomas, Jr., talked about the current state of Nevada’s caucus, recent goings-on in the state Democratic Party, and even had time to play a little game, as a treat. 

You can see Amy in Netflix’s Knock Down The House

You can learn more about Anthony’s campaign and donate at

Jason Harris’ podcast is called Awesome Movie Year, and it’s available on Apple Podcasts and everywhere podcasts are found. 

The Las Vegas DSA and Bernie 2020 could use your help! Saturday, Feb. 21 is caucus day and if you want to help get souls to polls the best way to do it is to sign up for canvassing shifts

Big thanks to Gina Mizzoni from Gina Mizzoni Photography for the great pics!