Episode 3 – Halloween Horrorshow 2017

Happy Halloween! It’s our jumbo-sized Bird Road Horrorshow, baby!

Brought to you by our new sponsor, FX’s American Horror Story. We’re honored.

In the news, the DNC calls are coming… FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Also, who ever was DNC Zach?

Our favorite Halloween horror movies? We played genre roulette:

Splatter: Jewish Dave-Evil Dead 2 (36:50); Q-Toxic Avenger (39:10) 
Psychological: Q-The Exorcist, (43:30); Jewish Dave-mother! (45:30) 
Modern: Jewish Dave-Paranormal Activity (50:10); Q-Goodnight Mommy (52:35) 
Thrillers: Q-I Am Not A Serial Killer (57:47); Jewish Dave-Zodiac (1:00:55) 
Slashers: Jewish Dave-Friday the 13th (1:02:45); Q-Wrong Turn (1:05:18) 
Sci-Fi: Q-30 Days of Night (1:08:32); Jewish Dave-Event Horizon (1:10:37) 
Potpourri: Q-Idle Hands (1:15:30); Jewish Dave-Dead Alive (1:16:23)

Jewish Dave’s theme music can be heard in the movie Party Bus to Hell.

Love Hate features John Carpenter, Stranger Things 2, Louis CK’s unfortunately timed new movie I Love You Daddy, and Sen. Steve King’s (R-IA) annual peasant hunt.

Check out our homies at Kings Without Crowns Podcast.


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