Our first ever live show, live from ReBar in Live Vegas! We’re live with the most compelling live progressive voices in Nevada! Live! Listen to the show…

Episode 14 – Do I Have To Vol. 1 PLUS Riding In Cars In Vegas

The bird boys are in town together for the first time since the start of the show. We take a ride around Vegas to run errands in the first half of the show, then get down to business, doing our first edition of Do I Have to. Listen to the episode now…

Episode 13 – Latinos Are A Scary Thing Feat. Justin Azpiazu

It’s a New Year and Jewish Dave is sicky-sick. He gave it a shot. He failed. Q soldiers on with the Miami Herald’s Justin Azpiazu, who calls in from his backyard in the heart of Westchester.  Here’s where you can hear the episode. 

Episode 12 – Your Opinions About Television Are Wrong And Here’s Why

Victor (and briefly his dad) makes an appearance just in time to not have a Top 11 list of the best television of 2017 ready for this episode. It’s funnier than it sounds. Listen…

Episode 11 – Welcome To Your Paqueté Feat. Ryan Daugherty

You’re all going to be in big trouble once I finish this description. *Continues typing random numbers on the keypad.*. Listen…

Episode 10 – BONUS EPISODE DOUG JONES! And A Sober Look At The Senate

It was all a dream. I used to read Commentary Magazine. Tom Daschle and Harry Reid up in the limousine. We talk all things U.S. Senate and go deep on what’s likely to shake out, race by race, between now and Nov. 2018. The people of Alabama forced us to do this stupid episode and I for one resent them even a little more than I used to. Listen…

What’s Bird Road?

This is a podcast about friendship. It’s also about Miami and Las Vegas, specifically. Also, it’s about progressive politics, culture, Matt Damon, the climate, poverty, and internet beefs.


David “Q” Quinones
News & Politics Editor

Former Miami Herald reporter, managing editor of PODER Magazine, digital news editor at Fusion, perspiring rapper.

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David “Jewish Dave” Rosen
Culture Editor

Award-winning film composer, videographer, former-Sony Records promoter, record store heiress, riblet enthusiast.

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Oh man wouldn’t it be great to meet us in person and work out all your weird derangements in an uncomfortable forced conversation? Great for you, maybe, but it sounds terrifying to us. Anyway, here’s where we’ll be.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Our first ever live show is a reality! We’ll be at ReBar in Las Vegas with a cavalcade of special guests. Save the date!

May 7-8, 2018

Q is presenting on  the topic of podcasting at the upcoming Social Shake-Up show in May. Get your tickets and come see him in Atlanta this May.



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